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“Very kind, respectful, helpful”

Rhonda S.Customer since 2012


Gilbert (Tom) D.Customer since 2021

“You take great care of our insurance concerns”

LINDA C.Customer since 2012

“Straightforward and kind.”

David M.Customer since 2021

“Always there, helpful and professional Thank you”

Lisa V.Customer since 2017

“Great communication!”

Keith W.Customer since 2019


Gwen B.Customer since 2012

“Always helpful and very friendly staff. Takes good care of their customers.”

Joseph M.Customer since 2015


A client in GreenwoodCustomer since 2021


Allyn R.Customer since 2018

“We've used this agency for over seven years and highly recommend their services. The team is professional, knowledgeable, responsive and dedicated to our company's individual needs. We are confident in their advising and find great peace of mind knowing the folks at Newman & Tucker are in our corner.”

Steve S.Customer since 2015


Donna H.Customer since 2013


Larry W.Customer since 2019

“Artie explained where it was so easy to understand. Was a pleasure talking to hom.”

John S.Customer since 2021


Robert C.Customer since 2016

“Best in the business!”

Rob N.Customer since 2012

“The service is great. They always find the best prices for you.”

Don C.Customer since 2016

“Great Service”

Jose A.Customer since 2022

“I've been with you a very long time. You all do a very nice job.”

JENNIFER W.Customer since 2012


Kathy A.Customer since 2012


Tamera T.Customer since 2020

“The ease of it all great service and a good price”

Donald S.Customer since 2022

“Good service and reasonable cost.”

Barbara & Joseph S.Customer since 2021


Caralyn & Brennan M.Customer since 2022

“Quality service”

Rita M.Customer since 2012

“Very good communication, very fair pricing, great to work with”

Mike P.Customer since 2020


Max L.Customer since 2018

“The customer service here is amazing! I’ve known this company since 2008 and they are always willing to help! I don’t get negative vibes over the phone when I have questions and that is everything with regards to stellar customer service!”

ALIA B.Customer since 2013


Margaret (Peggy) & Michael V.Customer since 2014

“Very attentive and friendly service.”

Edmund M.Customer since 2015


A client in Taylor MillCustomer since 2021

“Finding coverage I wanted at good price. Resposive to my questions.”

AnonymousCustomer since 2021

“Always helpful and answers all my questions”

JOYCE O.Customer since 2012

“For one reason and one reason alone…Mark Schmitt!! He ALWAYS goes above and beyond, even when I interrupted his family vacation. Mark graciously took time away from his own personal vacation to answer all my questions and gave me a quote. I have always been impressed with him and several of my family members are now clients because of Mark’s outstanding performance, as well as, his administered staff, Tara in particular.”

Dawn P.Customer since 2019

“Newman Tucker maintains a high level of customer focus and is always there should we have questions. In addition they can meet all of our complex business needs without losing that hometown touch. We are very glad we chose to partner with Newman Tucker.”

Bryon T.Customer since 2020


Mike & Sue A.Customer since 2012

“Your customer service is outstanding.”

Paul & Suzanne B.Customer since 2013


Brad L.Customer since 2022

“Newman Tucker has shopped the insurance companies for me for several years now to find the best rates. Would like to add that Dave Ramsey (the money guy) always recommends the patronage of companies like yours to his listeners.”

Colleen M.Customer since 2013

“I've been a customer for a very long time & have always received excellent service.”

Melinda & Timothy L.Customer since 2012

“I wish I never left. You go above and beyond to make us feel welcomed and it’s virtually painless, when you take care of everything. Even Christine Morris preemptively took care of our needs and anticipated our questions, with particular regard to a building insurance mortgage, our current mortgage and auto on our vehicles and camper. She worked hard to make us feel comfortable trusting in your company for our future endeavors, as well as making us promoters for recommending you to all of our friends and family. Thank you all for taking care of my family!”

Laura & Daniel C.Customer since 2022


Nicholas H.Customer since 2019


Tyler S.Customer since 2021

“Great service and friendly agents.”

Dana T.Customer since 2017

“My agent, keeps me up to date on all of my coverage. She is also quick to respond to any questions I might have.”

David H.Customer since 2017

“Mark was great to work with as well as very understanding of my needs.”

Gary C.Customer since 2022

“Impeccable service, Mark and his team are always on top of my questions and requests/changes!”

Jeremy W.Customer since 2017

“Newman and Tucker worked very hard to help save our company money.”

Terry G.Customer since 2022


Jon E.Customer since 2018

“Newman and Tucker has always been very responsive to any inquiries or issues that come up.”

Mike & Sue A.Customer since 2012

“Great people to work with and make you feel like you are not just a number!! Small hometown feel!”

Joseph A.Customer since 2022

“Very easy to work with and find you the best rates.”

Stephen W.Customer since 2021

“Wonderful people and wonderful service!!”

Kent L.Customer since 2018


Christopher G.Customer since 2022

“Your agency will seek out the best, and most affordable policy to suit my needs.”

Colleen M.Customer since 2013

“You have always been able to help when I have questions.”

Wilma E.Customer since 2012

“Newman and Tucker have been a valuable part of my business and when I need something from them they respond quickly and professionally would recommend them for insurance every day of the week.”

Danielle T.Customer since 2018

“Newman And Tucker are very easy to work with. I feel like they are looking out for the best interest of my family as far as insurance coverage but also as far as my pocketbook. If there’s changes to the insurance they are great about communicating information and offer helpful tips routinely. Very happy that we have stuck with them for about 20 years.”

BERTIE & AMBER M.Customer since 2012

“Awesome! Very helpful and I’ve been a customer for over 20 years. That says something.”

Thomas C.Customer since 2012

“Have had a great relationship with your company. Any questions I had were easily answered and my rates are affordable and that is 1 less thing I have to worry about.”

WILLIAM R.Customer since 2014

“Because you guys have done well with our account”

A client in GreenfieldCustomer since 2021

“Friendly courteous people, saved me money, my experience has been excellent.”

Dana H.Customer since 2021

“Mark is always very responsive!”

Lori F.Customer since 2012

“Awesome place to do business with very professional and easy to work with”

Jason R.Customer since 2019

“Mark provides excellent service, and is a pleasure to work with.”

Shannon C.Customer since 2020

“Nice to work with and professional way and good service at all”

A client in BrownsbergCustomer since 2021

“Experience with restaurants, easy to reach when you have a need or a question. I feel the rates are very competitive.”

Allyn R.Customer since 2018

“You all want what is best for your clients and to help the best way you can.”

John K.Customer since 2018

“Customer service is over the top!! Bethany has been very helpful in the past.”

Trudy M.Customer since 2012

“Agent I dealt with was extremely attentive and helpful!”

Carolyn G.Customer since 2021

“I have been happy with the service and the savings each year for my homeowners and auto insurance. I like knowing that when it is time to renew my agent shops to see if there is a better option for me.”

Debbie M.Customer since 2019

“Service has been good. Had a claim a couple of years ago and they were very quick.”

A client in MelbourneCustomer since 2014

“I feel that I was treated with respect and dignity from the interim in 2017 and that continuity of customer care keeps me as a customer who is very satisfied, not to mention the fact that their insurance rates are fair and affordable. Newman & Tucker are the Whole Package. I am very grateful to Tara Cornman, one of your agents. She treats me like an old friend.”

Nicole J.Customer since 2017

“I highly recommend my insurance agent Mark Schmitt. Simply for his commitment to his clients and his efforts to work collaboratively to find a solution that is right for my insurance needs. I believe Mark is honest and trustworthy, as well as, passionate and enthusiastic about his profession. He also has a fantastic staff, Tara in particular, who possess the same energetic commitment to their clients and gets the job done!!”

Dawn P.Customer since 2019

“Everyone I've talked to has been super nice and responds to questions quickly.”

Heather F.Customer since 2020

“Newman & Tucker was able to significantly lower both my Home and Auto policies.”

Randy R.Customer since 2019

“Always helpful and informative quick response on any questions or concerns and Always given me the best option”

Sheldon and Ashley M.Customer since 2018


Brad H.Customer since 2021

“Christina was very friendly, knowledgeable, and not pushy. She gave us time to look over everything and encouraged us to ask questions on what we didn't understand. She gave us feedback on what we didn't really need and what we did need. Also, a big plus was she saved us money! Have told at least one friend she needs to call Christina!And will tell more!!”

Debbie C.Customer since 2021

“Honest agents”

A client in CincinnatiCustomer since 2014

“Been with you guys over 10 years . You been great thank you !”

ERICK M.Customer since 2012

“It's affordable auto and renter's insurance. I would recommend it to my family and friends. I have been with Newman &Tucker for years.”

Millie & Gary G.Customer since 2012

“Easily accessible”

Noah W.Customer since 2021

“Always very helpful and trust that they are sincere about getting the best policy for your money”

Elizabeth K.Customer since 2019

“As an insurance agent I have very high standards, this company surpassed all of them! They are fantastic they care about their clients. Christine went above and beyond to make sure my family was taken care of in a time that we were desperate for help. I only wish I knew more people to tell them how wonderful this company really is.”

Heather S.Customer since 2021

“So glad I came to you all. Had nothing but great experience with you all.”

Mary P.Customer since 2019

“I feel that your staff has been attentive to my needs and questions.”

Victor & Denise M.Customer since 2021

“They went the extra mile to save me money”

Ronald T.Customer since 2016

“I love comparison shopping.”

Tina L.Customer since 2017

“Everyone is so helpful and responsive!”

Michelle R.Customer since 2012

“Professional and cares about the customer!”

Molly C.Customer since 2021

“You take care of many thing i need fast. I don't have to worry about anything. Ty”

RoseMary L.Customer since 2012

“Great service great people to work with thanks”

Mike S.Customer since 2013

“We highly recommend Newman & Tucker Insurance! The staff is professional, courteous, good listeners and responsive to all of our needs. Their approach is individualized and they strive to excel in customer relations. They take time to do the leg work and provide our company with sound and affordable options. They understand how important it is for us to make informed decisions and are always eager to educate and share their knowledge. We trust Mike Tucker and his team--we have great confidence in their expertise and know our best interest is always a priority.”

Steve S.Customer since 2015

“Very friendly company!”

Rae Ann T.Customer since 2019

“Newman and Tucker are on it. They answer their phones and take care of business. Thanks, I appreciate that. DGS”

A client in Cold SpringCustomer since 2021

“Just been helpful and considerate and made my options easy obtaining insurance and very reasonable prices”

Greg H.Customer since 2020

“have had no problems with insurance since using NT”

Gerald L.Customer since 2018

“Tara & Brad are the best, very quick service.”

CHANAKA D.Customer since 2019

“Timely service”

A client in Villa HillsCustomer since 2014

“Christine Morris is very good professionally. She cares about the client and she always is very professional (not overselling the products) and very respectful”

Diana B.Customer since 2012

“they are very friendly and thorough. I feel we have received the best offer.”

Paula & Larry L.Customer since 2012

“You deserve a 10”

Robert M.Customer since 2019

“Mark and his office are awesome!”

Heather T.Customer since 2020

“Thanks for everything”

Nicholas H.Customer since 2019

“Great rates and service”

A client in FalmouthCustomer since 2018

“Excellent service, friendly agent.”

David H.Customer since 2017

“Newman and Tucker delivers personalized insurance that meets both personal and business needs. It’s great to have all insurance with a single provider. They are very responsive and helpful whenever I contact them.”

Bryon T.Customer since 2020

“Helped me save money and very helpful!”

Austin B.Customer since 2021

“So thankful we found y’all through Dave Ramsey. We have been beyond blessed to have an agent Christine who worked with us so detailed to get us the best quote for our car insurance. We will hands down recommend day this group to anyone! Thank you for quality service!”

Hannah M.Customer since 2021

“I’ll continue to work with Newman and Tucker. They answer the phone when you call and work hard to get you the best product for the money.”

Brian M.Customer since 2020

“Very accommodating. Respond quickly to emails and phone calls. Very helpful and friendly”

Rosa A.Customer since 2013

“Your customer service is impressive! Julie was fantastic! When I bought a boat and a vehicle lately and needed proof of insurance, she got on it right away !”

Vera & Vernon K.Customer since 2012

“Mark provides the information you need on each option and level of coverage to make the right decisions. Also very helpful on understanding the impact of claims to allow for good long-term decision making in that area. I leave those discussions with peace of mind that we got a good price on the right coverage.”

Thomas B.Customer since 2017

“Great service (for a long time now) costs kept low. quick response. I remember a little office in Southgate... Good Job!”

A client in NewportCustomer since 2016

“My agent, Mark Schmitt, was able to give me step by step advice when I had some insurance questions. That’s a quality that isn’t easy to find these days.”

Michael S.Customer since 2019

“All the employees at the Cold Springs office are very helpful an patience with changes in new polices.”

Jimmy S.Customer since 2012

“Knoweledgeable staff, quick responses and a great price. What else do you need?”

Edward H.Customer since 2021

“I have been with you for years and always got treated well with honesty and always got a good deal. I thank you all for the help and service through the years.”

Sidney C.Customer since 2014

“Amazing help with a 19 yrs old boy!!!”

Kim M.Customer since 2021

“Been going through insurance company a long time never had any problems or issues”

Doug I.Customer since 2012

“The girls in the office are always helpful and respond quickly and in insurance issues thats not always the case so its always reassuring that they are helping to keep things moving and communicating”

Mary Elizabeth H.Customer since 2016

“The level of professionalism and quick responses to all of my questions .”

Tracy L.Customer since 2020

“They're agents are always available, helpful and quick to respond!!!”

A client in CincinnatiCustomer since 2019

“Great Coverages and Customer Service”

Christine M.Customer since 2020

“Always helpful and reasonable”

Sheree H.Customer since 2012

“I get good rates”

Shannon W.Customer since 2019

“I haven't had no issues in years polite service”

Paul F.Customer since 2012

“You helped me out right away to get insurance that day and for an affordable price. Quick, easy, and painless!!”

Angie B.Customer since 2021

“Mark is always quick to get back to us and I feel like we have great rates!”

Lori F.Customer since 2012

“Great service!”

Jason I.Customer since 2012

“Great prices, and excellent customer service!”

Gina G.Customer since 2019

“I know when I need help with our multiple policies There always there to help”

Lisa V.Customer since 2017

“My mother is 97 years this house is her life. Her previous insurance company was so expensive I as her daughter had to find a reasonable insurance for her. I chose Newman and tucker because you were priced where she could afford it. She struggles from month to month but us kids help her out. Thank you”

Beulah G.Customer since 2016

“Mark Schmidtt does an excellent job helping with my insurance needs. He is willing to help and very thorough. He follows through with any request and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of his job!”

Shannon C.Customer since 2020

“I think that you truly care about saving your client money. Thank you Christine Morris.”

Leslee G.Customer since 2020

“quick answers to my questions and I like the personality of my agent”

Natalie T.Customer since 2019

“The experience in the restaurant business and fast response.”

Allyn R.Customer since 2018

“I am. Wry happy in how you all solve any questions I may have. And send regular emails of reminders and things.”

Shaun P.Customer since 2017

“The general communication and information from Newman & Tucker is great. Mark especially is always prompt with his communication, very knowledgeable, and explains everything in a way we can understand to be sure we’re making the best decisions.”

Jeffrey K.Customer since 2016


Mike S.Customer since 2013

“Always accommodates my needs.”

Rosalie H.Customer since 2012

“Your team has always been reliable, efficient, and kind when assisting us with our insurance questions or need.”

James & Courtney S.Customer since 2012

“You do a great job of keeping me informed and updated. I appreciate the great service.”

David H.Customer since 2017

“My insurance was too high. When I call I couldn't talked to a agent. I asked to have them call me back to see if I could get it lower. No one never called me back never heard anything.”

Kandice B.Customer since 2016

“Service is great!”

Kelly N.Customer since 2019

“Good service”

Robert & Linda M.Customer since 2013

“Very good product knowledge and great customer service!”

Frank & Angela H.Customer since 2016

“Very helpful and knowledgeable!”

Kelly D.Customer since 2012

“Your team did a good job. Met my expectations. Thank you.”

David & Virginia S.Customer since 2020

“Very friendly rep helped me out with all of my questions”

Johnny D.Customer since 2019

“Very professional but at the same time down to earth. Mark Really understood our needs at our nonprofit organization and was willing to work with us to get us a policy in a very quick timely manner. Looking forward to a long relationship”

Mike P.Customer since 2020

“I appreciate the prompt response to all our questions and concerns.”

Edmund M.Customer since 2015

“I appreciate being able to talk through the different option that are available to me. The customer service has been good.”

Debbie M.Customer since 2019

“You were extremely helpful when I needed to change insurance companies. Process was very smooth and you were so kind to answer any questions I had.”

Stacy T.Customer since 2020

“I have been a client with Michael Tucker for over 20 years- since the beginning and have had good experiences throughout. Other companies have sought my business, but I had no reason to leave. Thank you for consistent good business practice.”

LORRI K.Customer since 2012

“Newman & Tucker is an example of professionalism. Friendly service and punctual response to any questions you may have. Thanks!”

Brian M.Customer since 2020

“Took the time to explain what I was needing for my best insurance protection and how to achieve the best coverage and rates in the near future.”

Teresa M.Customer since 2020

“Cuz I think you guys are reasonable and very helpful”

Tim G.Customer since 2012

“Very helpful and extremely nice hospitable customer service. As well as great rates for insurance needs.”

Marc W.Customer since 2019

“Customer service is excellent”

Jacob H.Customer since 2020

“Tyler is awesome and we are saving a ton of money compared to our old insurance”

Michael K.Customer since 2020

“Newman Tucker shopped around and got me a way better deal than I had with my previous agent.”

Randy R.Customer since 2019

“Because they are quick to answer my questions.”

Douglas B.Customer since 2016

“Helpful and easy to work with”

Beth Ann & Greg S.Customer since 2020

“Because I love Mike Tucker”

Gary and Heidi H.Customer since 2018

“Great customer service”

Ross F.Customer since 2012

“I enjoyed working with Tyler, we ran into several issues with my old insurance agent and company and he helped me out so much until it all finally balanced itself out. I haven't had any issues since being with his company. He also found me much better rates then I had before!”

Megan S.Customer since 2020

“Everything good. Maybe I didn’t read info right but would be nice to have a card to carry for proof of insurance. I prob could have printed it but not good with online stuff.”

Elizabeth K.Customer since 2019

“Tyler is the Best! He is very knowledgeable about all insurance aspects.”

Rob H.Customer since 2012

“Excellent customer service always quick responses to my questions and very competitive pricing”

Melissa S.Customer since 2019

“Kind courteous staff that look for the best coverage at the lowest price for you. Always quick to return calls, most of the time you get a live person. After one accident they called to check on us.”

BERTIE & AMBER M.Customer since 2012

“Great service on all our insurance policies.”

Sheila K.Customer since 2012

“Found good rates..quick feedback.”

Kerry & Susan D.Customer since 2013

“Great friendly staff always willing to help with any problems. I've been with Newman & Tucker for 10 years & have recommended them to several friends. Keep up the good work!”

KRISTAL G.Customer since 2009

“Been customer for awhile never had issues or problems if I did they are just a phone call away would resolve the problem immediately”

Doug I.Customer since 2012

“Great customer service”

Suzan and Brad B.Customer since 2019

“Because they made it easy to sign up and no hassles. When I have a question my agent responds quickly and make sure my questions are answered.”

Elizabeth K.Customer since 2019

“Great price and good people”

Thomas & Deborah B.Customer since 2020

“Tyler has been great and saved us $2000 on our homeowners and auto insurance. It's a no brainer.”

Keith Z.Customer since 2020

“Mark is wonderful!”

Patricia M.Customer since 2015

“Great customer service.”

Connie G.Customer since 2017

“Very knowledgeable and prompt service.”

Makita H.Customer since 2020

“Have always been great on all things insurance.”

Sheree H.Customer since 2012

“Great people and got me cheaper insurance”

Mary P.Customer since 2019

“Tyler Geiman’s costumer service is impeccable”

Steve B.Customer since 2019

“Tyler is very professional and helpful. He answers our questions and gets back to us right away. We would highly recommend him.”

Debbie & Gil G.Customer since 2019

“Always quick to respond & search for best prices.”

Donna B.Customer since 2012

“Good prices. Easy to work with. We get our questions answered quickly.”

Connie K.Customer since 2015

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